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Ides #3



Since Crosshair first put it to paper on a poster for the band Codeine in 2012, Chicago's iconic Eight Track Bridge has been the thread that demanded to be pulled. Ides #2 (still available!) released a couple of years later, presented the same subject in a different aspect. This long-brewing return shows our friend's full frozen majesty in a new light, rendered as a big 23x23" 16-color silkscreen print rich in depth and detail.

In addition to the planned run, I printed a small experimental quantity on off-white paper. Though the inks are identical, the different color background drastically altered the appearance of these prints, deepening the sky and emphasizing the lavender in the grays. So, these will be available too as a special edition.

IDES #3 is a 16-color silkscreen print, measuring 23 x 23" and produced in a s/n limited edition of 70 on white and 20 on off-white paper.