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Wilco Chicago YHF 20 poster SECOND EDITION


UPDATE: OFFICIAL SECOND EDITION IS HERE, THIS IS IT! Wilco took preorders for a second edition on their site. Think those are sold out. We have a handful of the second edition right here, shipping now until they’re gone.

New poster commissioned by Wilco for the first Chicago performance in their run of shows celebrating the 20th anniversary of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, April 22, 2022. Five colors silkscreened on 100# paper, 18x24”, in a singled/numbered edition of 340. (SECOND EDITION of 263. These are marked 2E in the signature to clearly differentiate from the 1st edition.)

The inks used to create this artworks were prepared according to the One Bucket principle, with each color mixed from the remnants of the previous color in a single bucket. It’s a thing! This is Crosshair’s 14th(?) poster for Wilco so innovation is the order of the day.

Sold Out